My Friend Does THIS For Her Dog And I Cannot
I have to say I thought I had heard it all until I heard something over the weekend that my friend does for her dog. I get it. I am a dog owner and we love our pets but this one takes the cake. My friend explained to me that her little pooch suffers from 'anxiety.' Bummer. But what she has…
What up Dawg?
We had an unexpected pet come back into our lives. A few of you guys may remember Snoop from about a year and a half ago. I took him in because a friend moved out of town and could't keep him. I was supposed to be a temporary thing but I had him for over a year before I found a great home for h…
Meet Macaroni-She Is Available For Adoption
We had an adorable little chihuahua in this morning for our Pet of the Week. Meet Macaroni, a chihuahua mix who could use a forever home. When Macaroni was in the studio this morning, she was very chill, not your typical chihuahua.
Family Dog Takes Baby Boy For A Ride [VIDEO]
If you've got a case of the Monday blues, have a got a cure for you! There is just too much cute in this story for your spirits not to be lifted if you are having a blah kind of day....a little 14 month old boy named Oliver and his dog Daisy do everything…

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