This Scary Noise Woke Me Up The Other Night-You Won’t Believe Where It Was Coming From
Ok I officially feel foolish. I think I read too many Goosebumps and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books as a kid because I am truly afraid of 'things that go bump in the night.' I probably should have fallen asleep early at slumber parties instead of sitting around with a bunch of girls (who did not scare easily like I do) listening to their scary stories. Half claiming they were true and 10
Help Get Them a New Home
I saw this posted on News West 9's Facebook page and I wanted to help them spread the word. If you could, help us help them and maybe we can get these two into a good home. Thank you in advance, Here's the link for the original NewsWest 9 post...
I Did NOT Know This About Dog’s!
As a fairly new dog owner, I'm learning things that I never knew before. No one gave me the 'new dog owner' handbook and I'm saddened by this. SMH. During our recent bout with bad weather, aka spring, I've learned that pup's can indeed be afraid of the rain, lightning and THUNDER.
My Friend Does THIS For Her Dog And I Cannot
I have to say I thought I had heard it all until I heard something over the weekend that my friend does for her dog. I get it. I am a dog owner and we love our pets but this one takes the cake. My friend explained to me that her little pooch suffers from 'anxiety.' Bummer. But what she has to do every time Fido has an anxiety attack is everything...
Carmen Finds Dog
What a nice thing Carmen has done. She found a dog. And, it looks like she's trying to find the dog's owner. Now, this is where it all goes down hill. Check out Carmen below with Leo and Rebecca in the Morning.  
Carmen Tells dog lady
Carmen is always messing with dogs. What's up with that? Anyway, here she is trying to tell some lady to put her dog in check. Check out Carmen below.

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