Family Dog Takes Baby Boy For A Ride [VIDEO]
If you've got a case of the Monday blues, have a got a cure for you! There is just too much cute in this story for your spirits not to be lifted if you are having a blah kind of day....a little 14 month old boy named Oliver and his dog Daisy do everything…
Friend Took Dog To Vet; Who Owes The Bill?
Leo and Rebecca PEEPS COURT!!!! You be the judge! 
I was watching my friend's dog while they were on vacation. Well the dog got sick and I called them to tell them. The dog was throwing up bad and I asked if they wanted me to take the dog to the vet...
Dog Sulks In A Corner [Video]
I am a sucker for a cute dog video, so when I saw this one I just had to share.
This family has obviously gotten together to celebrate someone's birthday and are doing just that, but the dog is NOT having it. lol He looks like an adorable little child sulking in the corner because he didn't…
The drought here in West Texas is now affecting my dog. Yeah, us humans can't water our grass anymore and the city experts have told us we can only water our grass once a week.