Imagine locking yourself outside, but don't worry. You have the bestest girl in the world ready to let you in.

I am always willing to fight that dogs are better than cats. Show me a cat that would do what this dog did over in Georgetown, Texas. It looks like the local fire station had one of their workers accidentally lock themselves outside. No need to call someone to come let you in. Koda is smart and can open the door for you.

Look at how proud she is of helping the dude out! Tail wagging because she knows she did a good job. Plus she gets some well deserved pats. You better go get Koda some treats sir. She prevented you from having to awkwardly call one of your coworkers to come let you in.

I'm just going to start stalking the Georgetown Fire Department page to show some love to Koda.

^Look at the little angel. She knows she's a good girl.

Need to teach the kids the importance of fire safety? Koda is ready to help.

When it's business time, Koda can also be a professional as well.

Koda always watching the important fire training drills.

Apparently Koda's birthday is March 11th. I will need to remember this so I can send her some treats.

Finally, Koda also needs some rest time just like the firefighters. Koda has a more comfortable chair than what I sit in at my house. Shout out to Koda, the best fire dog in Texas.

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