Chances are, you aren't proud of how you looked in Jr. High. I'm definitely no exception. However, in the spirit of "Show me yours and I'll show you mine", allow me to go first in hopes that our beloved listeners will follow suit. here is a photo of me back in the 8th grade.

Luckily, I didn't hit my Goth stage (that may or may not have lasted into my 20's) until late in my 8th grade year and these we're taken early 8th grade year. When I say "Goth" I bet you're thinking black shirts and nail polish. . . sadly no. It went WAAAAAAAAY further than that. Long black hair, fishnet shirts, nail polish, eye liner, lip liner (yes, I said lip liner), bondage pants, aaaaaaand hooker boots. No, I didn't mean to say black combat boots. I'm talking platform knee high hooker boots. Once I turned 18 and old enough to get piercings I took full advantage.

Lets just say if the TSA had been as strict back then, getting through airport security would have been a nightmare.  I had my eyebrow, tongue, lip (4x), bridge of my nose, and things I dare not mention pierced. Thank the stars I had enough sense to know tattoos were a lot more permanent and the ones I got back then I still like.

Let's see your embarrassing photos from back in the day.