Ok, I'm gonna level with you guys. His mom had him on the first day but I want to partake in all the fun AND I DO WHAT I WANT! 2ND DAY OF SCHOOL PIC!

As you can see, Dravyn AKA Drav A Flav, is thrilled. I don't care if this is his extremely fake "OMG dad can I just go to school because I'd rather be there than here with you taking dumb pictures of me while mockingly saying "oh my little baby boy is growing up too fast" smile. I loooooove that he's a teenager now and I finally have the power to embarrass him as much as he's embarrassed me over the years. REVENGE IS ABOUT A BIATCH! Welcome to the 8th grade son! NOW GO GET A DAMN JOB AND STOP EATING ALL MY FOOD...Wait, that part doesn't come for another 4 years.

...all joking aside, I seriously just made myself sad looking at this picture and seeing how tall he is. That's my little boy. He was wearing Lighting McQueen underoos just yesterday it seems...now it's just me :-(

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