We all have our thing. I think mine is clever T Shirts. I've been obsessed with funny T Shirts for as far back as I can remember. I'm definitely not the most style savvy guy on the planet but I'd like to think that I have one of the more entertaining shirt collections.


These are just a few of them that I recently added to my collection. I would tell you where I got em all but honestly, I don't want a ton of people taking my thing lol. I'm kind of like a woman dressed up in her finest dress at a really fancy party in that aspect. The last thing I want to see is someone wearing the same thing as me.


As you can see, not all of them are family friendly. You should see the one I have with Bob Saget on the front. My shirts are usually the easiest way to pick me out of a crowd. If you see a goofy looking guy with a loud voice and a funny shirt out and about, it's probably me.


There's a guy who I've heard on several occasions goes around the 432 telling people he's me. I'm betting his shirt game ain't this clean though.....I think maybe I should have a shirt made addressing this lol. Some people would be mad about someone going around impersonating them. I think it's pretty awesome. Just don't be mad when I say something stupid on the air and someone beats you up over it lol.

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