I'm feelin' pretty good this week. I got two new shirts in. One features a pink nerd unicorn with braces and glasses who seems to be posing for a school picture. Some people may not find this shirt very funny because it's just dumb, but I have this really weird knee jerk reaction. I see a horse smile and I pretty much p*ss myself laughing. That and my fiance's favorite animal is the unicorn. Don't EVER tell her they aren't real. It's just not a pretty scene.

The other shirt is pure genius....Dude....Pink Freud. Nuff said. Now I know you must be asking yourself right now, "Where does this smooth dressing, fly a$$, astro jive turkey ladies man keep getting these amazing shirts that I also want myself?" Well friend, first of all thank you for the kind words. Second, I get them mostly online. These in particular came from a site called or you can just google Ript Tee's.

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