Number 9 on that jersey, number 1 in your heart, our beloved Tony Romo. So now that one of our most favorite Cowboys quarterbacks of all time has officially retired and is currently TV's highest paid commentator, he's doing things. Like all the things! 

You've probably seen him on tv in his Skechers along with his with Candice. Or maybe you've caught his Corona beer commercial where he answers the Corona hotline:

Over the years, Romo has appeared in Pizza Hut, DIRECT TV, Topps and even Under Armour ads.


Well now he has a new gig with Tostitos and this includes a super cool giveaway that I decided I needed to share. Even Leo wants to be a part of it!


'Romo in your Ear!' How cool is that? One lucky winner will receive a one-of-a-kind earpiece to wear during a game, where Tony Romo will provide commentary through the cool earpiece in your ear.

You don't even have to tell whomever you watch football with that you won. It will just seem like you are a football genius knowing every play before it even happens. How fun!


Enter the 'Romo in your Ear' contest by visiting You can enter yourself in the contest to have a direct line to Tony Romo commentary or enter a super fan friend! Contest starts today November 4th.

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