Omigosh sign me up! I just watched the season 4 premiere of Yellowstone lastnight week! How cool is this? How would you like to visit the Dutton Ranch in person? According to the official Yellowstone Instagram page, you can play Finding Yellowstone for your chance to win. 


To play Finding Yellowstone, certain important elements from the show will be hidden in cities all around the country and you are encouraged to try and find them. There will be 6 landmarks in 6 landmark locations. You must find these certain elements from the show or possibly just guess the answer correctly.


Once you have all the answers correct, you will then be entered for a chance to win  different Yellowstone prizes, which includes the trip to the actual Dutton Ranch. Bonus if you are on Twitter! Daily hints are being given on the Yellowstone Twitter page giving Yellowstone fans a change to make their guesses.

Traveling the country is not actually necessary to win the contest, but if you happen to be doing so anyway, you can scan the QR codes at the location and that will get you extra entries.

If you are a Yellowstone fan through and through, you will no doubt have a lot of fun with this cool contest and you can get all the exact details on this website.

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