Which Restaurant Products Do You Buy At The Grocery Because Those Restaurants Are Not Here in Midland Odessa?
Look, we have some awesome restaurants here in the 432 but, there are some CHAINS of restaurants that we do not have here in Midland or Odessa. Don’t you love to go out of town and eat at restaurants we don’t have here in the area? We all have our favorites in other cities.
One of my rules when I go out of town is I do not eat at any restaurant that we have back home. I always want to try new places or ones that we do not have in the Permian Basin.
But this BLOG is not about favorite restaurants in other cities. It’s about what restaurant PRODUCTS do you buy at the grocery store BECAUSE they restaurant is not available here.
Here are some I buy on the regular.

Red Robin Seasoned Steak Fries

I love to visit Red Robin whenever I’m in Lubbock or Abilene. Love their burgers and I especially love their FRIES specifically their Seasoned French Fries. Red Robin is known for their ‘bottomless’ fries which means you can ask for more anytime you need more with your meal. And, thanks to HEB here locally, you can but them and find them in the frozen department. Yes, please!

P.F. Chang’s General Chang’s Chicken

Yep, one of the best places I’ve eaten period. #1 on my list of food is P.F. Chang’s. And, thanks to the frozen section at HEB, I can buy the P.F.Chang’s Home Menu bags of awesome food. I love to visit the one in Lubbock, but when I can’t make it, I open a bag from my freezer and throw it in.

White Castle Cheeseburgers

I have never visited an actual White Castle restaurant. I think the closest is in St. Louis, Missouri. But , yes they are available at SAMS and yes they rock. A quick and easy MICROWAVE and you can throw down some deliciousness.

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