Ok who is ready? I think this time of year we all start to get pretty anxious for football season! These Friday Night Lights will be lit real soon and the time cannot come soon enough for myself and for so many in the 432. There is something about the lights, the roaring of the crowd, the band wailing and of course the action on the field! 

If you have never been to a Friday night high school football game in Texas, you haven't lived. The fact that season tickets are sold for pretty much every school, every year says it all wouldn't you say? Season tickets for high school football games. Let that sink in. We're not talking your favorite NFL team.

So as the new season approaches, check out my favorite stadium here in the 432. Come on, you knew it was going to be my hometown stadium. The one that growing up I would watch my big brother's play football on, in my little cheerleading outfit, then as a teen, cheer on probably my boyfriend at the time and root for all of my highschool friends who were on the team.

Andrews baby! A to tha H to tha S, the Mustang Bowl, home of the Andrews Mustangs!  I love our football field and at one time, many would agree we have one of the best stadiums in the Texas.




More than likely we truly believe our alma mater has the best around but if you have visited other football stadiums in Texas, which do you believe is the best?

According to texasfootball.com, these are some of the best in the state:





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