Yep, the Dallas Cowboys are on HBO and I'm ready for it! This year HBO is featuring the Dallas Cowboys on their show HARD KNOX. The show will follow the Dallas Cowboys through training camp for 5 weeks. This is a MUJST SEE for any Dallas Cowboys fan.
So, here are the 5 things I learned from watching HBO's HARD KNOX - The Dallas Cowboys!

Dak Prescott REALLY Wants To Get Back ON The Football Field.

It was pretty evident that Dak wants to hit the football field after missing most of last season due to his injury. During the 1st episode, Dax gets upset that coach McCarthy isn't putting him in on a lot of plays during practice.

Zeke and Dax REALLY Are Best Friends and have a Bromance!

Look, we knew they were friends, but last night's episode definitely played on the fact they they are truly besties! Zeke straight up called him his 'best friend' and you can tell. They showed Zeke stealing his training camp 'bike' and getting him a 'birthday cake'. These guys, totally have a bromance going on.

Zeke Can NOT Wrap A Present!

One of the funniest moments from last night was Zeke looking up 'How To Wrap A Present' on YouTube. He is ALL OF US when it comes to wrapping. That's exactly how I wrap a present, and it's not pretty. LOL

Jerry Jones LOVES Mc Griddles from McDonald's

Yep this BILLIONAIRE is like you ad me and loves his McDonald's. How awesome when we he unwraps his Mc Griddle and goes to town on it! That's a win for McDonald's.

Jerry Jones LOVES His SALT!

Okay, Jerry loves his McGriddles but the alarming part of that whole scene was HOW MUCH salt he puts on it. He literally picked up the salt shaker and poured salt on it for literally 10 seconds. Watch out Jerry!

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