As heard on Leo and Rebecca in the morning earlier this week, we discussed Chick Fil A adding a couple of new items to their menu. Just in time for summer, a new drink, Sunjoy has been added at participating locations. The Sunjoy drink is a combination of sweet tea and lemonade. I've yet to try it but you can bet when I hit up Chick Fil a for the second time this week, (the norm for me) that is exactly what I will order to drink. Sounds refreshing! However, I did try the other new item on their menu....

I present to you the new Lemon Kale Caesar Salad. For a limited time only, Chick Fil A has added this new salad to the list of the already yummy ones they offer. (my go-to is the Market Salad normally-TRY IT, you will not be disappointed)


Right off the bat you have, have, have to like lemon to enjoy this salad. It is not your typical caesar salad. This is grilled chicken breast nuggets, along with romaine lettuce and kale, they sprinkle fresh grated parmesan cheese on top and lemon wedges, as you can see in the photo. Plus, don't stop there with the lemon, you have to add the lemon caesar vinaigrette for good measure. It is lemony on another level and the verdict....?

I LOVE IT! How does Chick Fil A manage to get it right with all of their salads and new adds on their menu? Because they're magicians that's why! I will definitely be hittin' up another one of these salads and a Sunjoy (more lemon lol) real soon.

By the way, both of these new items on Chick Fil A's menu ARE available here locally and FYI Leo has tried the Sunjoy drink. Find out what he thought of it here. 
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