I had a pretty gnarly idea. It's nothing new or ground breaking. As a matter of fact, I'm honestly surprised it's taken me this long to come up with it.

I have always loved reaction videos on Youtube. I think the first reaction video I ever saw was someones reaction to 2 Girls One Cup. Yeah, I know. That's a doozie. It's kind of hard to top that. The funny thing is, I've never actually seen the video and hopefully never will. I heard about it early on and have avoided it at all cost. Which brings me to my point. I want you guys to send me ideas for videos to watch. Just send me the title of the video and a little background info about it. Try not to spoil the video though. I'll film my reaction and post it op on B93.net so you guys can see how I react. I'll even try to get Leo and Rebecca in on it too.

What you got for me?

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