Ok what gives? I swear every single damn time I go to the movies one thing in particular happens. You know the convenience of getting to pick your seats now, the VERY reason we love going to Cinergy because no matter how early or late you get there, your seat is already designated. Love it! So simple. Well not for me.....

Over the weekend was able to go check out Den of Thieves, great movie by the way, but once again we get there just as the movie is starting and I'll be darned if someone is not in our seats! OMG! Then want to play dumb and act like they are supposed to be there and WE are in the wrong! Ummm no, here are OUR tickets, take a look for yourself. Where are yours? Can't find them conveniently. Guess who was in the wrong seat after 10 minutes of fishing for tickets? (Btw, a few months ago I did a blog about this very same issue, same theater and all. We are regulars because I love going to the movies!)

How hard is it people? You buy your tickets, you CHOOSE THE SEAT YOU WANT TO SIT IN, SO SIT THERE! If you wanted a different one, you had the power to choose a different one BUT YOU DIDN'T, so get the hell out of mine! Rant over. This ever happen to you?

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