Ok so it's October, 'Halloween month,' but does that mean weird, creepy things have to start happening as a result? Apparently the ghost in my car thinks so. Let me explain...I have a 40 minute commute to work every morning and a couple of weeks ago, something weird started happening to my radio as I'm blaring music, trying to wake myself up with my fave songs! 

One morning, out of the blue, as I'm karaoke-ing my fave jam, all of a sudden the volume starts going down. Wth? No one is with me and I didn't touch it. So I turn it up and it's good for a bit but does the same thing again. Oh hell to the no! The 'radio ghost' doesn't like Nicki Minaj? The Biebs-Despacito? I thought nothing of it because surely it was an isolated incident right? Nope. It has happened every few days since.....I'm ready to get rid of my ride! lol 

Has anything spooky happened to you lately? Please share....

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