So, when I heard that putting a cereal in a freezer was a thing I was very reluctant. Why would you freeze your cereal? What's really going on here? Well, while doing some research, I found that people are doing this because it actually makes the cereal taste better. Your supposed to put your cereal in a bowl then put that bowl into a freezer. Now, here's the thing, you do not freeze the milk. The milk is added after you freeze the bowl of cereal. Wow, so basically, what is making this a thing and why does the cereal taste better?

It comes down to cold milk. NO, I mean very cold milk. Apparently when you pour the milk into the very COLD bowl, it makes the milk colder and thus the experience of eating cereal better. Wow, that's alot for just a bowl of cereal. So did I do it? Yep, lol, I put the bowl of cereal in the freezer for about 30 minutes. By the way, the cereal I used was Frosted Flakes.

AFter 30 minutes, I grabbed the bowl out of the freezer then poured the milk into it. And, now for the moment of truth.
Well, I will say that if you like VERY COLD milk, than maybe it tricks your mind into thinking that the cereal is better, but honestly, NO, it didn't make a difference for me. The only thing I accomplished was wasting 30 minutes to freeze some cereal.

This HACK was a NO GO for me! But, I did finish the bowl of cereal.