Okay so maybe this should be like the age-old question toilet paper over or under which do you prefer? Except I'm not talking toilet paper. I'm talking mashed potatoes. Yes, let's talk potatoes for a second. Do you prefer instant mashed potatoes or real potatoes like made out of potatoes? I really do think it all depends on how you were raised. We were the family that had potatoes served with almost every meal. 

I was raised on instant mashed potatoes and I'm telling you Mama made them so good, I didn't even know the difference. I didn't know there was anything else. A little bit of milk a lot of butter, salt and pepper made all the difference! And that's what I loved. Until I became older and started cooking for my own family and realized yeah there's a major difference. Now I'm a potato snob. Real potatoes made out of potatoes all the way for this girl.

I remember growing up I had potatoes one way and that way was instant and it never bothered me. Well I have my own family now that I cook for and believe it or not,  our house is split. Half prefer boxed, instant mashed potatoes the other half being my 7 year old daughter and myself, prefer real....peeling (she loves to help with this part) boiling and mashing. There are also those who say it's not a big deal, potatoes are potatoes. Are you like me that you only knew potatoes one way as a kid, however mom made them and now you prefer the opposite?

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