If someone were to ask you what is your favorite type of food, what would you say? For as long as I can remember, I believe ever since I was a little girl, mine has always been Italian food! I love Italian food. My mom would make me spaghetti once a week because I loved it so much and never got tired of it. I am all about the starchy carbs...pizza, pasta, alfredo anything, garlic bread to go with but I don't love all italian food.

Think about it, your favorite type of food could be Mexican food but you don't care for tacos or not crazy about enchiladas. Or you only eat Chinese food but are not crazy about egg drop soup (that would be me). Better yet, yummy American food could be your thing but you don't like hamburgers, a staple! Hey, it happens? I do not love all Italian food and this past weekend I was reminded of that. 

My family is so good about indulging momma every now and then, so we hit up a fabulous Italian food restaurant! Cut to my significant other ordering spaghetti and meatballs. Ummmm gross. Spoiler alert: I do not like meatballs. Never have. It is literally the only thing I will not eat when it comes to Italian food. They look pretty on the plate, but I won't eat them. Weird? Maybe. But when it comes to meatballs, not all italian is created equal and you can have my serving. What is your favorite type of food and what is the one thing from that particular type that you will not eat?
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