To quote a very dear, close friend, 'I be gettin on my own nerves sometimes I swear!' lol Shopping online then picking it up curb side is a real struggle y'all. We typically purchase the same things in our household so I truly thought I had it down to a science as far as ordering exactly what I wanted online, until I didn't. 

Has this ever happened to you? You thought you were ordering the right amount of a certain item only to discover when you pick up your groceries, that you ordered enough to feed an entire village?

Or better yet, I thought I was ordering a large bag of chips for my kids school lunches once, when in fact it was only to feed a toddler. lol Do you ever feel like maybe you missed class the day how to properly measure items was taught? I sure do! I once ended up with an entire gallon of a condiment! I guess we may finish that by this time next year?

So just the the other day, as you can see in the photo I needed some chopped bell pepper. I eat lots of veggies on the daily. The problem with this scenario is that on the grocery store website I see that most fruits and vegetables are offered in lbs. What am I Einstein? I truly have no clue how to convert that into knowing exactly how much I need. Thus the tiny little container you see that was not nearly enough for the dish I was making that night. I had a good laugh with that one!

I cannot be the only one this has happened to? Have you ever done something like this accidentally?

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