fixing a stupid toilet. Ok I had to. Got a few honey-do projects going on at home right now and I had to throw it out because I know so many of you can relate. Nothing can test your relationship like....projects like this. Gross bathroom matters that need the man of the house's attention. lol

This was me and Mr. Iglesias over the weekend, working on the stupid toilet. Mind you, HE did the work, I literally had to hold a wrench. Things got a little heated (of course I'm over-dramatic) when I was told I 'was not holding the wrench tight enough' (yes we are still talking strictly about toilets) therefore the toilet was still not going to work properly. 

These are the times that you figure it may be better to just call in a professional rather than someone end up on the couch. Good times. lol What is the most recent thing that tested your relationship?

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