I Have Become My Partner
Isn't it funny how people in a relationship sometimes morph into one? Your interests become the same, your likes, restaurants, hobbies, etc...In my case it is this. What you see in this photo is something that I got from my significant other, his love of pepper is now mine. lol
Nothing Can Test Your Relationship Like….
fixing a stupid toilet. Ok I had to. Got a few honey-do projects going on at home right now and I had to throw it out because I know so many of you can relate. Nothing can test your relationship like....projects like this. Gross bathroom matters that need the man of the house's attention. lol
So I caught up with a friend recently who had to get me caught up on the drama with her new guy. That's what friends are for right? lol Fairly new relationship and she's already found something that bothers her about him. (insert eye rolling emoji here) This almost sounds like a Leo and Re…