Post up! Where you at? It's weekend time and that means it's football time. Who's your team? Personally, I'm here reppin' the greatest team in the history of ever. Notre Dame son! It's all about that Fightin' Irish life. You think this is a game!?! Well, I guess technically it is but that's beside the point.

I ain't hatin' (unless you're a Spartans fan this week). In which case, I hope you step on a lego while cheering for your crappy team. I may actually cry if the Irish lose to them this weekend. I think they may be my least favorite team in the world...Keep in mind, this is only because that's who Notre Dame is playing this week and it will change next week lol. So with that said, may all of your teams come home with a W this weekend be they NCAA of NFL (unless they're the Spartans).

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