Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Newly married, and I just found out that my WIFE wants 2 BAR OF SOAPS in the shower his/hers because she thinks it's gross that we use the same one. She basically does not want to use the same bar of soap I use. Um, anybody else do this?

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Chon Rodriguez
Well I guess that makes sense. I mean it’s not like y’all exchange bodily fluids or anything right? Cause that would be really gross . Sex life must really be shit if your soap can’t touch your skin ‍♂️ wHat else doesn’t touch her?? JS…The real question is they sale bars of soap still? I’ve been on the liquid soap for ever didn’t know they sold bars still!!! Lol

Jose Alfonso Araujo
Its a bar of soapits not the end of the world

Tamara Carter
Is it different brands? Many times people use different soaps for different skin types. Like Irish spring is harsher and smells more masculine. Is this really a problem? Maybe you like your lady smelling like a dude

Eileen Gerk
I wouldn’t either!!
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Nicole Hernandez Gonzales
That’s like using the same wash cloth!!!!!

Ray Ray
What's the big deal? So he takes the soap and washes his nalgas and huevos with it. No biggie. Just use the bar of soap. Soap is soap! Good luck.

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