Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - My wife is CRAY! Hear me out. This year we are HOSTING the Family Thanksgiving at our house on Thanksgiving. Well, she just informed me that she wants to do a FRIENDSGIVING this Saturday at OUR HOUSE AS WELL. And, when I say HOST I mean we provide most of the food and all. As it is , I'm stressing over all our families cooing over on Thanksgiving now this?   My wife wants to be 'Chef Ramsey' and all but I think it's too much.to host both. Just needed to vent! Any words of encouragement! LOL

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Hell No!! That’s too much!! Tell her take that Friendsgiving to one of her friends house & she can cook & take over there to celebrate. Done!


Ummm tell her to do a potluck..and compromise..do the turkey and a couple of small things ..let everyone else bring the rest..if it doesnt go down ..then u can say maam I compromised


I have a friend who always has hosted a friendsgiving for those of her friends who have nobody to spend it with and i think that is an amazing way to bless those who are alone on the holidays..Just let her have her holidays but ask her to have her friends pitch in


Are you complaining cause you will also be cooking? Or are you just gonna be in the way of the Chef? Cause if its the second, and let her do her thing


Divorce her.


It's going to be fine! Thanksgiving is a time for friends and family. Give unto others and it will be given back unto you!


No way, no how. Only if her “friends” will all be bringing everything needed.


Yeah you're screwed on this one bud. You say something and she will be mad or you don't say anything and she will be batching at you because she has to "do it all herself" I'm afraid it's a no win situation. Best thing for you to do is eat and get the … See more


Potluck dinner with friends. Problem solved and you don't have to cook everything

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