Ok I think I should have listened to some people who tried to warn me. Last year during COVID, stuck at home, tired of cooking and eating all the time, playing games got old, bingeing shows wasn't fun anymore, our family decided to buy a pool! Do it they said, it will be fun they said! 

So the kids convinced us to get a small above ground swimming pool and we bit the big one and did it. Got that baby prepped, put up, filled up and ready to go. I can tell you we thoroughly enjoyed it, as did the kiddos....last summer. Cut to this summer having to get it 'summer ready.'

I had no clue all the work that had to be put into this thing. Oh you mean I should have bought a cover for the fall and winter months to keep it protected? Oh so you have to clean it out and get rid of anything and everything that might have fallen in through said months? Also I cannot find the pool vacuum charger and the pump isn't working as well anymore. Oh and by the way, since it has rained so much the last few weeks, the water is turning a funky green color.  Ugggghhh!

There were naysayers and those in favor. I should have listened to the ones who said, it's fun but it is alot of work! I have several pool boys but even they get tired of the upkeep. lol Word to the wise, if you are considering getting a pool, take it from me, it WILL take alot of work and unless you have time to spend almost half the summer getting it ready for use again, I suggest thinking long and hard before literally jumping in feet first!
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