Chic-Fil-A on Loop 250 in Midland celebrated having their dining room re-open to the public today by having a Mr. Curtis day. And, if you have ever been to the Chic-Fil-A on Loop 250 in Midland, well, you know who Mr. Curtis is. He is the smile that WELCOMES and GREETS people in the dining room. I had the privilege to talk to him today at the store.

Leo: I'm here at Chick-fil-A today on Loop 250 in Midland, I came up here because I saw on the sign that it said  'Mr. Curtis Day' and here is Mr. Curtis himself, how you feeling today.

Mr. Curtis:  Feeling great sir, feeling great.

Leo: So what does Mr. Curtis day mean to you?

Mr. Curtis: Mr. Curtis day means a whole lot to me. It's the first day of opening up the dining area here at Chick-fil-A and I get a chance to come back in and start working back in the dining area again here at Chick-fil-A .

Leo: Wow, how many years have you been working here?

Mr. Curtis: I've been working here going on three years at Chick-fil-A.

Leo: Wow, and people love your style, what would you say is your style, how would you describe the service you provide?

Mr. Curtis:  I just love people and I enjoy greeting people and telling them to have a blessed and a wonderful day because God is good to us and he watches over us and takes care of us and so hey, they are  my friends so I want them to have a blessed and a wonderful day.

Leo: Without a doubt!  We appreciate you being you.

Mr. Curtis: I Love doing what I do.

Leo: Are you happy that people are back in the dinning room?

Mr. Curtis:  Oh I'm loving it to death. Loving seeing my friends come back to the dining area here at Chic -Fil-A!  It's a joyful time for me today!

Make sure to say hi to Mr. Curtis anytime you visit the LOOP 250 Chic-Fil-A in Midland!

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