Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - My MAN WILL NOT use my bathrooms! Everytime he has to go throw a DEUCE, he goes back to his place. I've told him it's no big deal, but he's says NO, just out of respect I rather not. I really don't care, but he prefers to do this. Okay, no biggie I guess, but what's happening here?

Here is what the 432 had to say bout it?

Elias Carrasco Jr.
He doesn’t want to pay for plumbing when he’s done

Leigha Gaines
Some people only poop at home. I was that way as a kid. I was an adult at work the first time I pooped in public. Now, when I gotta go I go. ‍♀️

Jonathan Moreno
His sh%^ stank an he trying to keep you

Top Fan
Dee Dominguez
I think he’s doing you a favor

Anthony Magallanes Sr.
His sh&^ stinks lol pardon my language lol

Albert Tarango
RIP John Weatherspoon

Friday Don't nobody go in the bathroom
Friday Don't nobody go in the bathroom

Christopher Brown
I suspect he's hiding something. He may possibly be dropping the dreaded number 3...
GIF may contain Jurassic Park, Shades Off, Poop Pile, Jeff Goldblum and Ian Malcolm

Gabriel Prieto
Probably has to rub one out!! Sounds stupid to me ....

Ray Ray
Everyone goes to the bathroom, but here's the thing, you don't have to announce it to everyone and that's exactly what's happening when you make a big deal about it. Everyone has to drop some CACA at some time or another.

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