Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Is it possible to SMELL LIKE PERFUME if ladies wear a bunch of it at work, and if so, will someone please tell my wife! She gave me a look the other day asking me why 'Do you smell like perfume?' all scandolous. I told her 'don't blame me' and 'NO I wasn't hugging anybody with perfume or anything'. A bunch of ladies wear strong perfume at work. She just gave me that side eye! Please help me out on this one.

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Sonya Santos
I’ve worked by a perfume counter for years...there’s some pretty strong stuff out there for men and women, fact. Never did I come home smelling like any of it without spritzing myself with something. Did it stick in my nose sometimes for a while, yes..…

Claudia Garcia
Sorry, that just don’t sound right....

Ana Torres
You only get another scent on you when they hella close. I mean c l o s e .. you need some social distancing lol

Elizabeth Saenz

Edie Aguirre Ortiz

Emilia Valdez

Top Fan
Maxine Barriga
How long have you been working there? ... so she smelled it just that one day she gave you hell for it?! ...

Eric Holguin
Nope sorry my guy that's all you!

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Ricky Barrientes
I used to get even glitter from the ladies while they worked...at Jaguars

Gabriel Prieto
Nope!! You on your own on that one... let your ole lady come home smelling like someone's aftershave see how you feel lol

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