Ok now that (some) kids are back in school, it is that time again to get those school lunches packed! My children are allowed to take lunch from home a couple of times a week and I thought I would share what my 7 year old daughter would take every day, if I allowed her to. 

What you are seeing is a picture of a lettuce sandwich. Yes, ONLY lettuce. My kid LOOOOOOVES vegetables and can eat an entire head of lettuce by herself. I am happy about this, don't get me wrong but I cannot send this in her school lunch. Teachers, lunch ladies would think she doesn't get fed or her momma doesn't buy groceries. lol

If you ask her if she wants ham, turkey, bologna, a cheese sandwich, a patty melt, anything but just lettuce she will tell you NO. Just lettuce mom. Anyone else's kid like this? I may give in one day and just send it. I guarantee there would be nothing left and she would have a happy, full little tummy!

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