I Have Been Reunited With One Of My Favorite Sandwiches
Who remembers this? The Monte Cristo from (the now closed) Bennigan's. I would go to the one in Odessa, specifically for this sandwich. A fried ham and swiss cheese sandwich sprinkled with powdered sugar and some blackberry jam to dip it in. But ever since Bennigan's w…
Pimento Cheese Or Nah?
I talked on the radio about how Chick Fil A (not here in Texas) is testing a spicy chicken sandwich with PIMENTO CHEESE! Leo and I both say, yes please! We both love pimento cheese. It reminds me of my childhood. There were the usual cold cuts available but also pimento cheese sandwiches were a thin…
Does Your Kid Eat Crazy Stuff Too?
Ok now that (some) kids are back in school, it is that time again to get those school lunches packed! My children are allowed to take lunch from home a couple of times a week and I thought I would share what my 7 year old daughter would take every day, if I allowed her to.
And America’s Favorite Sandwich Is….[Audio]
Time for another 'Stupid Survey'. Bring out the bread and let's make a sandwich. A new survey asked thousands of people what sandwiches they'd eaten in the past two weeks, then figured out the most popular sandwiches in the U.S.
And one of our favorites has dropped down the l…