Bring On The Goodies At Work
One word: YUM! Current workplace sitch. I love, love, love days like this when the boss brings in some goodies! Leo and I ate like a king and queen this morning with those cinnamon rolls and bagels...
Does Your Kid Eat Crazy Stuff Too?
Ok now that (some) kids are back in school, it is that time again to get those school lunches packed! My children are allowed to take lunch from home a couple of times a week and I thought I would share what my 7 year old daughter would take every day, if I allowed her to.
Free Lunch For First Responders Today
First responders can get a free to-go meal today courtesy of the Rotary Club of Odessa. From 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. uniformed first responders can visit the Central Fire Station on 2nd st. for free lunch.
New School Restrictions This Year
I'm not going to lie, I am a little bummed out about some school rules this year. I get it, times are weird, crazy right now but it still doesn't keep me from being sad for my kids as I'm sure many parents are. My children have the option to do remote learning or in school, mine are excited to see their friends again and get back to school, so we are doing just that.
United Supermarkets Ready Meals Are IT For Me
UNITED for the win, again! When you hear me on the radio talking about United Supermarkets, I'm not exaggerating or even kidding when I say 'ready meals' have become a part of my life. I have enjoyed them so much I probably eat one at least 3 times a week. This was lastnight's dinner.
New Breakfast And Lunch For ECISD
If your little ones have been enjoying their breakfast and lunch pick-up since school has been out, ECISD has made a few changes to the TIMES and LOCATIONS that both will be provided:
MISD/ECISD Breakfast And Lunch Schedules
This should help restore your faith in humanity in these trying times. Props to MISD and ECISD for announcing that during school closures, breakfast and lunch will still be available to students. This will be a grab-and-go service where you are encouraged to follow school drop-off policy and the schedule is as follows:
My Day Is Not Going So Well How About Yours?
So how is your Tuesday going? Hopefully a lot better than mine! You see the picture I posted with this blog? That WAS my lunch. Lunch that I carefully weighed, measured and prepared lastnight to enjoy today. I'm on a diet and am only eating certain foods at the moment. Well as I was attempting to warm up my food in the break room....
Would You Be Upset If Your Kids School Banned This?
If there is one thing I know about elementary aged children, after having 3 children myself, it's that they loooooove having mom and dad eat lunch with them from time to time at school. I've done it with all 3. Some parents do it several times during the school year and some parents only go on special occasions such as birthdays, the big Thanksgiving meal or this time of year, Christmastime. But w

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