There are a lot of people who are torn when it comes to The Last Jedi. Some loved it. Some hated it. Personally, I have mixed feelings but overall I was left disappointed.

It's not that it wasn't a good movie. It's that it ended the saga of Luke Skywalker and considering he was the first Star Wars hero and it's taken 30+ years to tell his story, they fell short on a proper send off. In our lifetime, there hasn't been a hero more deserving of an epic goodbye. Sure, it's cool that he projected himself from another planet but it meant skipping an essential part of any great Star Wars movie. Because of the way they set it up, they had the audience poised and ready for an epic light saber battle 30 YEARS IN THE MAKING! When Kylo stepped out to face him, I got chills. I was right there ready to see the greatest face off in Star Wars history, only for Luke's final battle to be cut short because he wasn't even there.

I get it. He's powerful and totes did a cool Jedi thing that we haven't seen. That's ok I guess, but admit it... really just wanted to see a bad ass, good old fashioned, good vs evil light saber scene.


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