Think back four years ago to what our kids were all about. What were they asking for? What were they walking around with constantly in their hands? FIDGET SPINNERS! There are still a ton all over our house, not being played with of course but they're there. (insert eye roll here) Well, move over fidget spinner, there is a new sheriff in town! lol Have you heard your kids talking about or have they asked for a 'poppet' yet?


Yes, this is the new thing. I kept hearing my 7 year old talk about how her friends at school have 'poppets.' I never thought anything of it until she started saying she wanted one. That's when I really paid attention because I had no clue what it was? I had to look it up online. Well, cut to today, this is the one my child got and I was in shock when she came home with it.

I literally thought to myself, this is the 'new thing?' It's bubble wrap but a little fancier! It's silicon bubbble wrap and trust it makes the same kind of annoying noise that bubble wrap does. lol I hear it non-stop at home everyday.

So yeah parents if your kids start buggin asking for something 'all of their friends at school have,' more than likely it is this little thing right here. The poppet, the newest, latest, trendy, coolest new sensory toy that allllll of the other kids have. Prepare to spend $5-$10 on it.
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