Was checking out a list recently talking about the most USELESS channel on your cable line up. I mean c'mon, theres at least 100 channels now if not more.

To me the most usless channel is the TV GUIDE CHANNEL. Here are my top reasons why this channel has to go.

1. LOOK AT IT! The programming they show is half of the screen. HALF THE SCREEN! Really? Even with a 70 inch TV, it just is usless and obstracting.

2. Who needs a line up of what's on TV, when all of the cable companies have some sort of guide built in.

3. The programming on this channel is WEAK. When I tuned into the channel to write this blog they were showing "Grumyp Old Men". Enough said. Not even my grandma likes that movie.

4. It's half the screen!!! Oh wait I already said that.