I remember when I was a kid, every unoccupied house was a haunted house, but there are a few places here that I'm still convinced are haunted. There are some seriously creepy places in the 432. Here's a couple of eerie places I've come in contact with.

I used to be a patrol supervisor for Initial Security. That meant going into a ton of empty buildings in the wee hours of the night and patrolling them to see if anything was going on. Most of them were completely harmless and weren't as creep as you would think. . .most of them. These are the ones that were every bit as creepy as you would imagine they would be.

Manor Park: An upscale retirement village in midland and for the most part it is a very quiet and peaceful place. At night in the Wallace wing is a completely different story. Allow me to set the feel for this place at night. Dark, dead quiet other than muffled old timey music over an intercom system. Have you ever played the video game Bio shock? Yeah, like that. You always feel like someone is following you and it's a retirement home with Alzheimer's patients who ever so often, wonder off in the middle of the night only to be found sitting dead still in a random dim lit room at 3 am. Knowing that this place has been the final resting place for many many people didn't help either

The Wilco Building in Midland:  This is a very old building in Midland and also the second tallest which means it took a long time to do a walk through. The real problem with this building was the electrical occurrences. Lights would randomly turn off in front of you. Sometimes they would turn on behind you. The thing I hated the most was the elevator. Sometimes, even though you were the only one there, you could hear the elevators running and stopping on floors above and below you. It really sucked when you hadn't even called the elevator yet it would come up to your floor, stop, and open the door. Now, its one thing for the elevators to act up when you're not in them, but it's a VERY uncomfortable feeling when you're in an elevator and you press floor 6, you're the only one in the building, but for some reason it goes to floor 11 and stops but the door wont open. I had a hard time keeping my cool in that building. Especially when I was stuck on the wrong floor in an elevator hitting every button I could just to make it move and it just sat there for 10 minutes. I eventually refused to go to the building when that happened one night and I heard the elevator next to me stop on my floor, open, then a few seconds later mine opened. NOOOOPE!

The Abandoned Retirement Home on Ohio St: This was by far the worst. Imagine the hospital in the walking dead with leaves in the halls, beds in random places along the halls, and one long hall with all the doors open. Did I mention this place had no power? This meant I had to patrol an old retirement home with nothing but a flashlight. The creepiest thing about this place was the fact that in most of the rooms the beds were not only still there, but they were still perfectly made. It was an every night occurrence that the dim moving light from the flashlight would shine in on one of the beds just right as I passed by and make it appear that someone was still laying in one of the beds.