This Sunday is Mother's Day and if there was one thing I could say to my mother right now it would be....'I get it.' Think about it, growing up, mom's were so not cool. All mom did was bug us, get on to us and lecture us for what seemed like everything! But now as a mom of 3, I think to myself wow, now I know why mom was on my case, (cliche statement coming) she only wanted the best for me...

being a mother is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and my greatest blessing but what I did not anticipate was all the worry and fear that goes along with it. The worry that your children are:

  • happy
  • healthy
  • active
  • smart
  • not easily influenced
  • making good choices
  • doing the very best in school
  • sleeping well
  • eating well
  • respectful
  • (my boys) gentlemen, (my daughter) a lady
  • have enough
  • a good friend
  • leaders and not followers
  • young men and young woman of faith

The worry and stress that I no doubt brought my mother has now carried over to me, in a good way. My list of what I want for my children is endless and I push and I nag and I encourage....because I care, just like she did. And yes my children see me the way I saw my mother, 'mom omigosh you are too much.'

My prayers, my worry and my stress is because I love and cherish and care tremendously for them and want nothing less than the best for them. Someday they will 'get it' too.

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