Alright old school music fans, this one is for you! Flashback Friday is huge on B93 and the ultimate old school tour was just announced, with 4 Texas dates. The Mixtape Tour 2022 will feature some of our favorite back in the day artists and I am here for this party! Check out the line-up.

New Kids on the Block will be the headliners and if I was not the biggest NKOTB fan as a little girl. I remember begging my mom to buy me 1, just 1 poster for my wall in my childhood bedroom. She totally obliged and I will love her forever for that. lol My favorite NKOTB boy bander? Jonathan and this was the song I would play and sing over and over in my bedroom.

Salt-n-Pepa will also be on the Mixtape Tour. I remember when they came here for our 90's bash back in 2017 and Leo was on a cloud! He got to meet them (where was I?) and I know that was a major highlight for him. He has never smiled that big in a photo with me!


Who wants to get 'Rick-rolled?' You will be with Rick Astley as he is also a big part of the Mixtape Tour! Listen to this song once and it will never leave your head. lol

En Vogue was IT for me back in the day! They will also be a part of the tour. I remember sitting in my friend Cris' bedroom one night we were having a sleepover and writing down every single lyric to the song Hold On. Do you know how many times we had to play, pause and rewind to do that? lol This is my jam!

Mixtape Tour 2022 announced a 55 city tour starting in May of next year and they have four Texas dates:

  • Thursday, May 19 Houston, TX
  • Friday, May 20 Edinburg, TX
  • Saturday, May 21 San Antonio, TX
  • Sunday, May 22 Dallas, TX

Who would you be most excited to see on this tour?

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