What an awesome weekend it was for Midland's own Natalie Hinds WHO IS now an Olympic Medalist!
Congratulations to Natalie and her team for capturing the 4 x 100 Bronze Medal in that race.
What an awesome accomplishment for Natalie and her team. The whole 432 is proud.
Natalie is a Midland Highs School alum and has made all alums proud.

Make sure to check out the awesome race in the video above as Natalie and her team throw it down!

While watching the race, it was awesome to hear the announcers point out how great Natalie's stretch of the race was gong and how she was a key part of the team's success for that race. She really swam an awesome leg of the race. So far, that was one the best highlights of the 2020 Summer Olympics going on in Tokyo for me.

Did you watch any of the Olympics this past weekend? I fond myself watching a lot oft he action this past weekend. I can't help myself. LOL I fond myself watching Water Polo, Men's Basketball, Softball, Gymnastics, Equestrian and even watched some fencing which was awesome. Yep, I get drawn into watching the Olympics all the time.

So what's next for Midland? Bryce Hoppel also a Midland High alum, will compete in the 800 Track and Field event next week and YES we will all be cheering for him as well.

I love me some Track and Field and can't wait to check out Bryce and all of team USA throw it down in Track and Field.

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