Yep, the 432 will be represented at the Olympics this year!
The TOKYO Olympics kick off Friday July 23rd In Tokyo this summer and two native Midlanders will representing the 432 and the USA!

Natalie Hinds and Bryce Hoppel have both qualified for the 2021 Summer Olympics and both are Midland High alumni!

Natalie Hinds (Swimmer) will compete on the USA Relay Team!

Bryce Hoppel (Distance Runner) qualified for the Olympics in the 800 meters at the U.S. Track and Field.

The 432 is hyped and PROUD of these two, and I know we will all be CHEERING THEM ON at the Olympics this summer.

Natalie Hinds

SwimSwam states.....

Prior to joining the University of Florida, Hinds was a high school student at Midland High. She was the no. 13 recruit in the class of 2012, and was the top recruit out of Texas. She was named the Female Swimmer of the UIL Class 5A 2011 meet and was a district record holder in the 100-yard back and 100-yard fly.

Bryce Hoppel states....

Hoppel, a two-time national champion at Kansas, qualified for the 800-meter race on the track. In 2019, he grabbed a 4th-place finish in the event at the World Championship.


I don't about you, but doesn't this give us ALL THE REASON to watch the Olympics this summer. What an accomplishment that they will always have to cherish. And, now they get to go to TOKYO and make once in a lifetime memories. Well, know this, the entire Permian Basin and 432 will be cheering you on! Way to go and GO TEAM USA!!!

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