Letter to the kind lady who gave up her seat for my 4 year old daughter and I:

So I took a trip over the weekend and flew back yesterday. Because of circumstances beyond our control, we almost missed our flight back home! If you've ever been in this sitch, you know how cray things get and you're literally running toward your gate at the airport, which we did and got there in the knick of time! As we enter the plane, the looks, the eye rolls we got for 'holding up the plane' were enough but walking up and down the aisle searching for 2 seats together was grueling. 

When my little and I reached the back of the plane, a very nice lady says to me, 'ma'am if you can find a single seat, I will gladly take it and you and your child can have mine' (there was an empty seat next to her as well). OMG my faith in humanity restored in an INSTANT! THANK YOU KIND LADY! In mere moments, our seating arrangement was resolved all because of a good samaritan. 

I'm telling you right now, I will never:

  1. judge someone who arrives 'late' boarding a plane again after what happened to me because you don't know their circumstances
  2. do the exact same thing from here on out that the lady did for us and give up my seat to someone with a small child (or another extenuating circumstance)

Thank you kind lady, your good deed was not lost on this girl and her little princess! May you be blessed tenfold for your generous act!