Photo Credit: CBS 7

You may have seen this story about local man Brandon Castanenda, who disarmed a man with a loaded gun at a Chick-fil-a in Midland. Well, we reached out to find him so we could say thank you to him for doing something really awesome. Word traveled fast and he got back to us pretty quick. While glad to accept a verbal thank you, he was actually fairly reluctant to accept our offer to give him tickets to an event or anything as payment for his good deed lol. Finally I asked him where he liked to eat. He said "Well, it would be nice to take my mom and sister out to Olive Garden" which, only adds to his noble attitude in my opinion. The only thing that tempted him was something that would help him do something nice for someone else. I'm only posting this because for one, the guy deserves all the praise for what he did, and for two....You heard the man. He likes Olive Garden. If you're as inspired by his actions and attitude as much as I am, lets make sure he doesn't pay for Olive Garden for a good while. We don't just have any gift cards for Olive Garden, but I'm going to personally go up there and make sure there's a gift card waiting for him and his family. If you feel compelled to do the same thing, who am I to stop you?

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