Nelly and Paul Wall killed it and it was an amazing experience to host the show and meet them. I've been a Nelly fan since High School and a Paul Wall fan since my early 20's. Today H-Town hip hop is still my favorite but let's not overlook our own local acts.

As a former local artist myself, I know the struggle. Make no mistake about it. These local acts were chosen wisely and they did an amazing job on stage. Here we see Alex Tiny B and her crew who not only sang but choreographed the entire show with professional precision. People don't realize the amount of hours that go into making even a 30 minute long set and practicing it enough to perform it well on stage. Every local act Saturday was talented and well executed.

Jase Papers got me PUMPED with his aggressive style. When he takes the mic you can feel the intensity in his words almost instantly. His production on the beats is well done and his stage presence is fire.

Trinard Woodard A.K.A. Beats Real not only has that silky smooth voice but he also performs his beats live in real time, all while being witty and funny off the cuff. I personally recommended him for this show not only because of his talent but his amazingly positive attitude in life. In a world of angry people concentrating too hard on keeping their thug image, people like Beats Real are a breathe of fresh air.

Nate G and Eric J blew my mind. I never heard anything from them before so I was pleasantly surprised. Not only do they have nice clean production and well executed stage presence, THEY GOT PIPES! They have a great crisp sound with that slightly thug hip hop edge with the added bonus of a voice that will have the ladies out of their clothes in 2 seconds flat.

Jay the Drank Leo was pretty straight forward. Thug as thug can be and there ain't nothing wrong with that. They can instantly make a crowd move and while some local artists may have trouble keeping a crowd's attention, this wasn't an issue for them. They came out strong and ended stronger.

Thank all of the local artists for gracing the stage and taking the time to put on a great performance. You guys are the real MVP's.

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