'Treat her like a queen and she'll treat you like a king. Treat her like a game and she'll show you how it's played.' OOOOH preach! lol Chivalry is not completely dead and this TikToker is here to let you know that. According to Mr.Daddy63, there are 5 things women should never do.

This obvious gentleman is not talking about your typical everyday household chores or anything to do with the husband, kids or family. He's simply saying that as a woman, if you have a man, there are things you should never do yourself, and I have to say I agree 100!

When you watch the TikTok video, he even says, if you don't have a man, your brother or father should be stepping up. And he's speaking truth. Coming from someone who grew up with 2 older brothers and my daddy, this is exactly how it was in our household.

My parents raised us right. The girls (I have a sister too) should always be treated with not only respect but we should never have to do these things for ourselves. My daddy always washed my car, always cleaned my windshield when gassing up for me and would always accompany me to the dealership if anything was wrong with my ride.

Some would see this as 'spoiled or entitled,' I see it as real men take care of their mothers, sisters and wives. Thoughts?

Watch the TikTok video and see if you agree with Mr.Daddy. Are these 5 things women should NEVER do?

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