With the end of October fast approaching, not only is it almost time for turkey day, many males look forward to the month of November, to toss those razors for an entire month and participate in No Shave November. In recent years, women have grown to love dad bods and beards so next month is perfect for fellas who don't want to worry about shaving several times a week. Guys, take it from me, ladies love when you forget to shave from time to time and grow the facial hair!

Here are some of my personal favorite bearded celebs:


Is it any surprise my #1 would be my Ben Affleck? One half of Bennifer just melts this little latina heart with that beard. Leo calls him 'fat Batman' I just call him the hottie with the facial hair. lol


Same movie (Justice League) different bearded hottie. I mean, Jason Momoa. Is there anything more left to say? Other than if he ever shaved that beard, he may be unrecognizable. It is part of who he is now.


OVO, Champagne Papi, Degrassi, Drake. This is one man who looks far better with the beard than not. It's a distinguished and masculine look that makes the ladies swoon.


I'll be seeing my childhood crush soon in concert. (again) I follow my Ricky Martin on every form of social media, so I knew the moment he grew a beard. Then one day out of the blue it was bleached and he posted photos. I didn't think I could fall in love anymore than I already had. I was wrong. Peep the blonde beard: