I have never heard of this with a couple getting married but I can tell you right now I am here for the party! Who all do you send invitations to? Family and friends right? Well this local bride and groom definitely thought outside the box!  Think about when you got married, who was the person you sent an invite to that you thought to yourself, 'should I send to so and so?' Was it an ex? A distant relative that your mom made you invite that you've never even met? That seems far fetched and outrageous enough but what if I told you a dear friend of mine sent invites, not just one, to several celebrities! 

I never in a million years would have thought of this, nor have I ever heard of anyone doing it before this friend of mine. But omg....genius! When I reached out to ask who all she sent to, her response was, 'it's worth a shot to send to anyone and everyone you can!'

Think about the endless possibilities, you can send to NFL, MLB, NBA teams and even companies as this bride-to-be did, Budweiser, Nike, Yeti. Isn' that the coolest? So who has responded so far....?


#43 of course! Yep, President George W. Bush sent his best wishes and regrets that he is not able to attend the upcoming wedding and a sweet little message for the couple. How cool is this? Also, what a wonderful memory to include in your wedding album! I love it!

By the way, there is also a private Facebook page called Wedding Celebrity Contact where people in the group post addresses and mail they actually received from celebs.

If you are a couple getting ready to tie the knot, you might want to alter your guest list just a little bit to include celebrities, you never know if you get a response or gift, or lovely letter from your favorite!

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