Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Guys, my man got a 'WUD' from a female co-worker. I don't how to feel about it. Why is she asking him 'What Are You Doing?". Is 'WUD' flirting?

Here's what the 432 had to say on our Facebook....

  • Lucky it wasn't my wife. She'd just burn the building down...with the both of us in it. 
  • If it was after work I would most definitely question it. I do not think you need to speak with opposite sex after work hours , unless your on call or something.
  • It would be worst if she put WAP ha
  • I’m sorry but do they need to communicate outside of work? Like what kind of Job is it? Why would she have his number in the first place?
  • Yes. Don't call, txt, or email my man after work. Unless it's an emergency. In that case you wouldn't txt WUD 

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