Look, I like a good salad every now and then. But, I'm going to be real, I'm not a pro on the different types of salads or even salad dressings. To me a salad is a salad. With that being said, I still know that THIS SALAD is not right. First off, I don't think it really is a salad.

A guy in Germany is going viral after he posted a photo of a tomato salad he ordered at a restaurant earlier this week.  It cost $7, and it might be the world's laziest salad. It's literally just some sliced tomatoes and some raw onion on top.  He says there's no seasoning, no dressing on the side . . . that's it.

To me, a salad needs some sort of lettuce, or greenery right? NOPE not here...you get tomatoes and onions, that's it! And, no dressing, get out of here!!

Lol, what's crazy is people are buying it. But, it is getting called out for being the world's laziest salad.

rshittyfoodporn via reddit Gandi14
rshittyfoodporn via reddit Gandi14