🎧Time for another edition of IT WENT VIRAL!!

This is for all of you that have stains on your Tupperware. Maybe you had a soup, caldo, or something else in there that left a stain inside of your Tupperware. I know that I have many Tupperware bowls that have some sort of stain. In fact, I have one that has MENUDO stains. I love me my Menudo! But, how do you get the stains out of the Tupperware? According to this viral tik tok video...
1. Squirt a little bit of dish soap in there.
2. Fill it about a third of the way up with warm water.
3. Rip up a paper towel, and put a few pieces in there. That's supposed to be the part that makes the difference.
4. Close the lid and shake it for 45 seconds to a minute. Then rinse it out.

That's it? It can't be that easy? Well, let me go hit up some Tupperware and see if it works!