We are 12 days away from Halloween. I cannot believe the little ghosts and goblins will soon be hitting the homes of friends, neighbors, cousins, malls, and businesses in a quest to find the best Halloween candy. Fall festivals are taking place every weekend from now until Halloween weekend. What an exciting time to be a trick-or-treater in West Texas!

One question that I've heard from time to time, however, is 'how old is too old to trick or treat' in Texas? Is there a legal age limit?

As a mother of 3 with quite a bit of trick-or-treating experience under my belt and years of driving my little superheroes and princess around to collect candy on Halloween night, I can honestly say that small children love it! As toddlers, they are thrilled at the idea of wearing an adorable little costume and getting candy in their little orange pumpkin bucket.

Then you move into elementary age, and this is the time that typically a kid gets to pick their own costume, so it becomes that much more exciting. And also candy.

Then when the junior high years hit, it is all about going trick or treating with friends and dressing up like zombies or something scarier and just having a little Halloween fun.

Speaking from experience, the interest in trick or treating tends to wane beyond the Jr high years. At this point, they're 'too cool' to trick or treat and can't be bothered with dressing up in some silly costume.


The answer is no. Halloween trick-or-treating has no age limit. However, parents use discretion. If your teen plans to go out and trick or treat, sit them down and talk to them about being careful, being kind to the younger children, and staying out of trouble.


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Photo by Conner Baker on Unsplash
Photo by Conner Baker on Unsplash

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